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[DEACTIVATED] 1-1 Mentorship - Mind and Body Mastery

[DEACTIVATED] 1-1 Mentorship - Mind and Body Mastery

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You wake up each day, brimming with energy, excited for what's to come. You look in the mirror and see an amazing physique - thick but lean - and you can't help but to have a huge smile across your face.

You get changed and you start your purposeful work. You have full confidence in it: it's authentically what you want to do, you know that it is genuinely helping both you and others, and that it is the ticket to true wealth.

You finish 2 weeks of the average person's work in just 2 hours, then go to the gym where you dap up your boys, have social status and train with an intense routine that you genuinely enjoy.

You can speak to anyone - be it guys, girls or whoever. You feel present, happy, fulfilled and free. Your relationships are loving and powerful. You have the respect of men and the attraction from women. Your thoughts serve you and you know that you are living to your potential, free of regret. 



My name is Paras, and this is the life I have been able to cultivate, and I'm only just getting started.

I've been skinny, fat and skinny fat - and now I have a physique that others envy (and I'm only just getting started).

I was an obese miserable awkward loser addicted to porn, video games and fast food but I'm now free of all of that, living a life that only improves drastically month by month.

I have an exceptional understanding of mindset, self-image, fitness and how to overcome addictions.

I have coached tens of people both online and in real life. Those already on the mentorship program are loving it, saying they have found the value for their money in just a few short days.

I will give you specific advice at every step of the way, forge a new identity for you and continue to share new lessons with you so that you can achieve EVERYTHING you ever wanted.



There are 15 points below. How many of them do you suffer from? Be honest.

Take note of your number out of 15.

1. Negative thoughts

2. Overthinking

3. A lack of confidence

4. Struggling with girls

5. A porn addiction

6. A YouTube addiction

7. A video game addiction

8. A poor diet

9. An unhealthy body (fat, skinny, skinny fat etc.)

10. Procrastination

11. Wasting time

12. Struggling to focus

13. Poor mental health

14. Struggling to change no matter what you try

15. Not wanting to live like this anymore

What's your score?


Younger Paras struggled with ALL of these.

And now I've overcame ALL of these.

I've been skinny, fat AND skinny fat - and solved ALL of them.

You see, I know more than anyone else how to solve them ALL once and for all.


What would it be worth to solve ONE of these problems?

How much would you pay to have that FOREVER eliminated from your life?

How much would it be worth to get rid of what you've been suffering from for YEARS in a matter of a few weeks if not DAYS?

Thousands? Millions even? To NEVER suffer from that again.


And that's just ONE of these problems.

I guarantee you that you suffer from more than one of them - if not MOST of them or even ALL of them.

Now how much is solving THAT worth?



A 1 Hour Onboarding Call (Value: $99) - This is where I will get to know you, your goals and exactly where you are in life. I will help you to form the right mindset to achieve what you set out to do, breaking down any limiting beliefs and showing you the path that you could take. In both fitness and other areas of life, we will create a dream result for you - that you'll quickly achieve with my guidance.

A Personalised Routine (Value: $49) - Based off your goals and priorities, I will create a routine for you that allows for both structure and flexibility.

A Game Plan (Value: $99) - In both your fitness and other life goals, I will create a game plan for you with specific actions you can take to make incredible progress towards your goals.

Weekly Check-in Calls (Value: $199) - Each week, we will have a 30 minute call where I check in with the progress that you are making. We'll discuss anything that's limiting you if you haven't been able to carry out all the actions, and we'll see if there are ways that we could improve your progress even more.

Daily Unlimited Texting (Value: $199)- ask me ANY questions you have: fitness, social life, business, productivity etc. I will hold you accountable each day to the actions we have set out for you to ensure you make the most progress that you possibly can.

Exercise Form Feedback (Value: $99) - send a video of yourself performing an exercise in the gym - calisthenics, powerlifting or bodybuilding - and I will give you direct feedback on your exercise technique: correcting any issues with form, giving you personalised cues and estimating the intensity you were working at so you have an idea of what you're capable of.

LIFETIME Future Community Access (Value: $999+)- not only will you achieve incredible results, but you will get FREE access to my future Skool community for LIFE. Whatever the price may be, and however many years pass, it will ALWAYS be free for you my friend.

(Last But Not Least) A New Identity (Value: PRICELESS) - This is the most important and the most transformative. We will design your dream character, based off EXACTLY who YOU want to be - not Hamza, not someone else, not even me - but YOU. You will become a new person, free of addictions, negative thoughts, and wasted time. You will make rapid, EFFORTLESS progress in all areas of life, never struggling ever again.



If you're a young man with serious ambition, who is fed up of living away from his potential, this package is EXACTLY for you.

You must be willing to put in the work and to ruthlessly chase what you want. This package is NOT for the lazy - it's for those who truly want to chase their dream lives, achieve mental and physical freedom, and leave absolutely no regrets on their deathbeds.

If you're fed up of desperately trying to quit addictions but being unable to - then this will save you.

If you're fed up of being an awkward unconfident loser who can't speak to girls - then this will save you.

If you're fed up of having a terrible physique and never getting close to your dream body - then this will save you.

What are you waiting for?

If you want to seriously SKYROCKET your life, become a new person and become unrecognisable, this is the PERFECT investment to make.


Note: this product is strictly non-refundable.



Don't just take my word for it bro - this is what others have said about what I can provide.

"I feel like I already got my money's worth and it hasn't even been a week"

"I told my brother about you and he signed up [to your mentorship] straight away"

"I've been working with Paras for a few weeks and it's genuinely changed the course of my life... hop on a call with Paras, it will all make sense - it's the single biggest investment I've made EVER that I can remember" - Archit

"I feel that I cannot properly articulate or communicate how helpful Paras has been for my self-development - it is simply something that you must try out for yourself" - Chris 

Those who have worked with me are making incredible progress, don't miss out my friend!



Value: $1743+ MINIMUM

But you get it ALL for just $149 per month

Are you seeing what I am bro!? You're telling me that for just this price, that is already at a 91% DISCOUNT that it will solve your problems, each of which are worth thousands if not MILLIONS to solve...? That's gotta be too good to be true right!?

Well, it isn't my friend. I genuinely want to help you - and I have full CERTAINTY that I will.

From the problems listed above, what was your score? If I solved just one of them this would be a steal. 

EVERYONE I know in business has been telling me to niche down to only one problem and to increase my prices. But I want to solve it ALL for you and right now it's such a steal.

Nowhere else. Let me repeat - NOWHERE ELSE - do you get SO MANY problems solved with 1-1 ACCESS at this CHEAP a price.


What is it worth to you to be able to construct EXACTLY the life that you want?

What is your mental health worth to you?

What is your freedom worth to you?

What is your dream girl worth to you?


This is so EASILY the best investment you'll ever make.

It will easily pay for itself in a matter of days and change your life for DECADES to come.

If I were you, I'd feel absolutely CRAZY not taking this up.


So what are you waiting for?

Take action RIGHT NOW!

See you inside :) )


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